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The Pulse of Life…

The Pulse of Life…


July 11th, 2013

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Young Pulse is a French DJ/producer who began spinning records @ the tender age of 15 & who recently shared the love by re-editing a dance floor classic in memory of Weeksie

After hooking up with the crew’s Jester Groove via Soundcloud, a number of tracks were suggested to Pulse to be a potential tribute to co-incide with this year’s SS7 event. The pair finally agreed on Firefly‘s 1981 classic ‘Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side’) & Pulse went to work on it, weaving his magic.

Weeksie - Young Pulse Artwork

Having nurtured his musical talent in some of the hottest Parisienne clubs; l’Enfer, le Madeleine Plaza, Concorde Atlantique, Back Up, Club Med World, Wagg, Loco, Madame, Scala, Chez Régine & Tanjia, by the time he was 18, DJ Pulse had taught himself to produce & compose music digitally. He then met rappers Kilroy, Killa Daz & Desmon, who enlisted him as DJ & producer of their band SoFresh Squad, signing to famed electronic French label Institubes & releasing their first album ‘Dirty South Klassiks’ in 2007.

Pulse was later commissioned by Universal France to produce the official French remix of Soulja Boy’s hit single ‘Crank Dat’ & alongside DJ Orgasmic (of the famous French band TTC) Pulse also created the DJ duet Stunts DJ’s to represent the rap side of the label, producing 3 albums for them. In 2009, he met renowned US jazz pianist Marcus Johnson & a year later they collaborated to create a unique duo called JURIS. Together they released an LP & an EP of jazz, funk, hip-hop & electronic music which they decided to call Euro-Jazz & more recently they’ve just finished recording their latest album which will be released later in 2013.

As well as being a successful composer for TV, commercials, short films & corporate websites, Pulse also continues to excite audiences with his DJ skills in clubs & through his fresh style of mixes & an innovative approach to music. His Weeksie tribute has been made all the more poignant for everyone @ Soulstice HQ, after the tragic death of Andy Weekes’ mum Pansy,  just 2 days after Summer Soulstice 7.

You can check out ‘The Feeling Of Weeksie’ exclusively on Soundcloud…


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