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Summer Loving!

Summer Loving!


February 24th, 2015

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Love is a many-splendored thing they say, & it seems that we get our fair share of the ‘love stuff’ on Barnet’s very own field of dreams every now & then…

Post ImageBack in 2012 we heard of a couple who’d met at Summer Soulstice 6, fell in love & a few months later, decided to tie the knot. Now we hear that this year’s event, another couple will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary with us on the very same day as Summer Soulstice 9!

Not only that but Maxine & Tony Bates were married in June 2014 & even moved their wedding day 24 hours forward so they could attend SS8 last year! Now that’s what we call dedication to the cause!

With their friends Angie & Kim helping to make up their ‘honeymoon suite’ in Camp Soulstice, Max & Tony spent their first full day of wedded bliss under big sky at OE’s along with four and half thousand other revellers! Max explained, “It’ll be our first wedding anniversary, we got married last year on the Friday so that we could still make Summer Soulstice on the Saturday!”

British tradition calls for the spouses to give each other a cotton gift of some kind, but whatever they decide, we just hope they have a ball on the day – see what we did there?

As Max told us, they simply “can’t wait!” to be back at Soulstice this year celebrating. So, if you spot the happy couple at Summer Soulstice 9 on Saturday 27th June, why not go & wish them a splendid anniversary! ❤️



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