SS2021 Cancellation

Summer Soulstice 2021 could not take place due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, so here’s a few FAQ’s to give you some further info on this.

We are now focussing on making a bigger and better return in 2022 and have offered all ticket holders for the postponed 2020 event, the opportunity to roll over their e-tickets to next year’s festival. We will also be putting further tickets on sale earlier than usual this year.

I bought ticket(s) for Summer Soulstice 2020, which were rolled over to 2021, what happens now?

Ticket orders which were valid at the point of the 2021 Festival being cancelled are automatically rolled over to the 2022 Festival. You will not need to do anything for your ticket order and we will be in touch once our new ticket platform goes live.

I have decided I don’t want to go to the festival in 2022, can I still get a refund?

After three months of going live, our second phase refund process closed at midnight on 31st May 2021, meaning all remaining valid holders have their tickets rolled over to 2022’s festival.

One of my group is no longer able to attend, what should I do?

If a member of your group is no longer able to attend Summer Soulstice 2022, you will be able to change the name, letting us know the replacement’s details at no extra charge, once the SS2022 ticket platform is open.

How much will tickets for 2022 cost and when will they go on sale?

Please go to our Tickets page for current price of 2022 festival.

Where and when will Summer Soulstice 2022 take place?

The festival will take place on Saturday 25th June 2022 at Old Elizabethans Memorial Playing Fields, Barnet. Ticket holders whose order includes 2 x night camping, will be able to access Camp Soulstice on the afternoon/evening before.

Why wasn’t Summer Soulstice postponed until later in 2021?

At the time, both the national and international response to the Covid-19 pandemic changed daily, and despite the announcement by the UK government regarding the slow easing of restrictions and the on-going vaccine roll-out, it was still too early to know if restrictions on mass gatherings and the demands on our emergency services would definitely be loosened by the summer of 2021. We also had limited alternative dates at the festival site, due to our hosts Old Elizabethans’ busy sporting schedule.

I can’t make it in 2022, can my eticket(s) be made valid for a different future Summer Soulstice?

No, if you are not be able to make Summer Soulstice 2022, your ticket order would not be valid for a future Summer Soulstice festival.

I cancelled my ticket order now, can I have priority for 2022 or future order?

There will not be any priority given to those who chose to cancel their ticket order. If you cancelled your booking and later decide to try for a ticket to Summer Soulstice 2022 or a future festival, you would need to go through our usual ticket ordering process.

My child who is on my Summer Soulstice 2020 ticket order will be 13 by the time of the 2022 Festival, what should I do?

If you have etickets which you are rolling over for the 2022 festival and your child will turn 13 between 27th June 2020 and 25th June 2022, then please contact us.

Note: All SS2020 refund requests have now been processed by Summer Soulstice with all payments refunded via PayPal.

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