SS10: The Sounds of Fatness

SS10: The Sounds of Fatness


July 25th, 2016

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One of our event compares & DJ’s Fat Freddie M sums up our tenth annual fundraiser as seen from the main stage…

Post ImageSummer Soulstice 10 “same old, same old” that’s how to sum it up! Except… I can’t stand the rain. The only thing which can really relate to this year is the new name ‘Soulstitonary’ because it rained & stopped, rained & stopped, but the weather could not stop our REIGN! The true stars of this Weekes related all dayer was the punters, customers, people – because that is what it is… What it is! It’s an All Dayer with a difference: where children & parents play merrily – some play fight, play sport, dance & jig… Yes the kids section where all families should try & get to before the real festivities start! The campers – tents & marquees of all sizes & extravagance & then there’s the, oh my where am I going with this???? Oh yes!


The gig that all DJ’s past & present want to be a part of. The live acts that are on stage are the best of the best of UK soul, funk & RnB. Each year I bring a new DJ to the stage to spin with me -I’ve been like that all my life – amicable not demanding anything; but people to recognise that I love what I do when I am allowed to do it? And that is to use the MIC! So I invited DJ Winni Buddz of JFSR to spin while I entertained the crowd as a PRESENTER. To me I am there at the start of the day around 1:30pm & end on stage at 7pm-ish with a 40 minute set in that time. Then again at the finalé with Ash & James A.


Main Stage Post ImageThe entertainment is The Highstone Dance Academy an eager troop of young people who train long & hard to perform at the start of the day. We should bring them on later so more people can witness the development over the years of committed young people). An assortment of artists, The Main Stage DJ’s were Mr Green, Soul ExpansionStavros, Frostie, Richard Felstead, DJ Bigger & the big attraction Mr Greg ‘Refugee from across the sea!’ Edwards – an original Caister / Soul Mafia DJ – in fact a gangster (The Black Knight) in the posse’. He of Capital Radio (the only mainstream station to promote soul in the 70’s to the masses – who would get their index fingers & thumbs ready to press play & record to capture the essence of the tunes to bring to the record shops the following day/weekend. Yes, THAT Greg Edwards!! He had a great time on stage – I bet he thought he was in a time warp because on his face, he had the miles of smiles look as only Americans can don on their face. It was so evident to me that 1979 flashed back to me, ‘Best Disco in Town’, yada yada yada – Greg enjoyed the rush of everyone wanting to have a photo /selfie with him and that made my day. A pro in the real sense of the word!


Then there is Natasha Watts, a breath of fresh air in the music game, always about, always smiling & sings a song as it should be sung. Vivienne McKone, who I haven’t seen for many years & I was so so happy to see her healthy & performing here. She is still ‘Fly’ & a prequel to Alicia Keys in my & many others eyes. Omar (Lye-fook) – what can you say that has not been said about ‘Oh Me, Oh My’ OM-AR! An innovator from 19 longtime – a distinct style – pushing boundaries making memories that take time to understand (every LP of his is different). Now part of The British Collective with Don-E, Noel McKoy (performed at previous SS3) , Leee John & Junior Giscombe (performed at previous SS7). Hint hint Kenny Thomas – The blue eyed, white sock followers favourite performer. Recently seen by friends at the Hideaway in Streatham & like then he always gives it 100%… Finally, members of Light Of the World/Beggar, Hi-TensionCentral Line all together – the original funkateers, the UK pioneers… Nuff said! All backed by Ernie McKone‘s band.


Beggar & CoThen up stepped the aptly named master as in Bob Masters who took the music in a direction that only he could. You see the beauty of the main stage is the DJ’s (not presenters) can play what they want & a crowd will follow. Those not to too familiar with his style took a step back (in the rain) & others took 3 steps forward… But no one was going anywhere; dancing, singing, listening & learning about tunes of the future – a life lesson in – WHERE NEXT! In the world of clubbing he is right up there: I like Bob (dry wit) grounded kind of fellow who just wants to play according to the world of… you guessed it!.. Bob. And there is nothing wrong with that. I learned that from Dr Bob Jones: “play what makes you smile old or new!”


And so the main attraction: INCOGNITO – lead by Bluey & who were absolutely superb – a fitting way to see us into the finale’. If you need to ask what it was like, you were either drunk or in the Club Tent! Then Ash & James led the finalé cheer & not forgetting the excellent fireworks display & then it was over. Another excellent day at THE All Dayer! No I don’t want it to become a weekender, it works as an All Dayer, all day every year!


fLOve Fx


A full un-edited version this can be found on Fat Freddie’s FB page. Used by kind permission.


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