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Inherit The Wind on a Summer Soulstice Day…

Inherit The Wind on a Summer Soulstice Day…


July 2nd, 2013

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Waking up at 5:30 in the morning on the day that you know you’ll be on your feet for most, if not all of it, what came to mind instantly?…

Well, after thinking about women in the sunshine (it was the morning lads!) the first thing to do is check ya FB for any update & who else is up. I saw you Hayley D & Jester G posting & stuff… Then a shower, a prayer, Norman Hutchings & breakfast & sorting out/burning CD’s courtesy of Brian Mac, Fatboy North London & me old mucker.

I was offered a lift so I aptly obliged & off we went to the hotel to leave stuff & food for the time when I get back. By now the adrenaline was starting to kick in. I LOVED last year & so wanted it to be at least half as good as the last one.

Parking sorted HAT & CAP in tow, cap on my head on arrival. Snap Greg O’D gets a shot in straight away. I say good morning to Mrs Masters @ the table on entry – she tells me she is off later to do a walk for charity only a little one? What I say – It’s SS7 & you are off to raise more money for CHARITY tonight? WHAT! I move on & swiftly say hello to Everton from way back in the day – still doing the do for the music industry. Little Nicky Holloway says hi – What me? No sa..not me sa? Man I remember Nicky form Streatham Ziggy’s & Cat’s before that. So swiftly I say hi & walk Mac St L & then onto the stage area BANG ON TIME!

JT & Giloboy (both STOMP-ers) & what no DJ B – step up & sort out the Highstone Dance Academy introductions & blam – big puff of smoke (or was that the Yo Ho Ho RUM I was drinking) The SOUL Genie – DJ Bigger is in the place actually on time according to the running order!  Blues & Soul – Mi Soul DJ – CEO & all that – he dropped a set too.  Glen ‘2G’ Goldsmith throws down the gauntlet for the PA’s to follow. Get a great reception from the early revellers. Then Stephanie Weekes steps up & the crowd quietens down & listens to her heartfelt thanks for coming & thanks for helping to bring the sunshine with them to celebrate her late uncle’s passing – from SS1 to SS7 the journey has been EPIC! The crowd give her a cheer & a round of applause. Bigger plays the hits & more then ends!

Let me tell you a story… My best mate for ages was my manager Martyn Mookie Levett… he passed away 5 years ago on 26thJune. So this week is always a spiritual one for me.  I take to the stage area – first track as usual ‘Back Together Again’ – Roberta & Donny – Salou Soul Crew – SMF – Essence of Soul – Boat Posse’ – Blackpool – Bournemouth Soul Weekender Lot (Bob even came & shook me hand after my set?) …& then it went a little something like this… It is good night from all the DJ’s, security, PA’s, Andy’s family etc etc. THAT is how the day was for me… A  B L U R… rewind!!!

I play RING THE ALARM – Tenor Saw… The crowd know that The Fat Bwoy is in town. I change my HAT?  From the cap to the titfer… Time for some Frank Sinatra & Biggie – New York NewYork! It works & works well people singing Frank & Rapping Biggie at least 1000 people in sync (good name for a group that)… I go to the front of the stage & start to throw out lollipops to the youngsters & people at the front… & with a blink of an eye I play Millie My Boy Lollipop… Sold to the crowd @ the front, back, sides & rear. So what happens next is a testament to the willingness of the people @ SS7 to really just come & enjoy themselves. The anthem of SOUL Anthems: Norman Hutchings – I REALLY LOVE YOU – (I play that everyday) & then the old skool Garage selelction for only 8 mins – Summer Of Love – Sunshine – Do YouReally Like It – Thong Song – Sweet Like Chocolate – took it to the stage where a@ this time of the day had never been achieved – OK, Bigger dropped Starship & the roar was immense I must admit!

I then got carried away as I make the cardinal sin of sins at any soul gig… I talk over Frankie Beverley singing ‘We Are One’ …the purists in the crowd must have thought that I was on ONE let alone having ONE (a laugh that is)!!

Loads of interaction with the crowd & then played all these in a word or too – JUST HAD FUN: Used To Be My Girl – Mind Blowing Decisions – Key To The World – I’d Like To Get Next To You – You Know You Wanna Be Loved.

So the set is over – smiles all around as I hand over to the FUNNY ONE with the hat (HAT) with bells on – he is the dry witted DJ of Stompness – The Original Night Cruiser (is he or isn’t he?) Jester Groo-ooooove.To follow me when I am on top form like today would have scared many a DJ but not the man who runs the good ship TOOOONNNAAAAAGE. He steps up says I’m ready – I introduce him & the response is WICKED… they love Jester – they know he takes no prisoners & he plays for his people – the Lost Boys & Girls of the world of GOOD (White Boy) SOUL MUSIC – Yeah I said it & taken out of context it may sound off key but they know me & I know TOWIE’s when I see them.  Spin back a few years – the white socks soul posse’s who always went to Caister – The Goldmine – Stage Free – Zeros come on people YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING – Just Sayin’…  Sheet!… I am the only one in the village peeps! VINYL FatFreddie Morrison.

Where was I… Ah yes, Jester Groove – Best Tune of the day for me was The World Is A Ghetto – G ‘bad boy’ Benson… 10 mins 47 secs… Pure bliss… Did I mention my HAT in this piece yet? What about the Advert in the free brochure for SS7 – thanks to all the sponsors for the Ads.

Bigger brings on Natasha Watts & she tears the place down – the smiles the beaming smiles when she let off was incredible. We also had an impromptu PA by Pauline Henry of the Chimes (their version of ‘I Still Haven’t Found…’ is still one of my favs from them).

The next DJ on stage is a legend & will always be one to me… You see when my daughter was born, Jeff Young was on Kiss FM & @ the time he played Stevie Wonder for us – to us from him (I still have the tape to this day & he is my hero for it)… Isn’t She Lovely… (she is & is 17 now Jeffrey!) – Jeff does what Jeff Young does best, PLAY a set that the lovers of soul music just lapped up in the sunshine. @ this point I get a food voucher from Topman –Argghhhhh it is for the only place in the planet that I would never eat from – I think it was called ‘Piggies [Not!] as it was the pulled pork concession stand on site. W-T-Funk Jamie bruv, I’m from south London chicken & fish only! So I queue jump to see what fish they have a few concessions up and they had sold out of fish… Off to Jamdown for some Jerk Chicken & hard dough bread – don’t worry Topman I got the receipt ready for next year (God willing).  Jeff finishes up his set & then James Anthony introduces last years sensational quartet  Sing Baby Sing who have the crowd eating out of their hands for the whole set. Motown sounds & sing-a-longs to die for.  James Solar Radio Anthony sets the place alight with a serious party set, before we go into PA by Mr ‘Morning Will Come’ (& a Reggae version at the end) Junior GiscombeWith DJ Chris Fatboy Harvey… The alcohol had set in by now & I remember that  Ash Selector’s (SolarRadio) Finalé with The Soulstice Crew included ‘Jump Around’ – then the goodbyes & it was over – Just like that………

On a sad note I lost my HAT – the one for my big head as Fatboy North London said on FB… I missed Frosties set & Dr Bob Jones not being there, I missed stopping & speaking with anyone for more than a millisecond & I did not hear ‘Sunshine Into My Life’ by Elements of Life… CHA… Ah well there is always next year? (did someone say expenses?) – It’s up to you SOULSTICE – Soullllll-Sticcccee!  Good Night & God Bless. See you all @ Hayling Island Soul Weekender & DJ’s out there – real DJ’s play VINYL… Lol – Been here, seen here – Get The fLOve T-Shirt… Disclaimer: I am not the first to play the records listed above but I am the one who named the tracks – SO I CAN CLAIM THEM FOREVER & EVER… Like Heatwave said back in the day… hold the note!


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