Stephanie Weekes

This bright young Barnet girl stepped up to the main stage to sing in honour of her late uncle in the early days of Summer Soulstice…

The reason we decided to do this incredible annual charity event was to celebrate someone’s life and it’s a lot closer to home for some of us than it is others…

Stephanie always wanted to sing for her uncle Andy and pay tribute to him by performing at the event. And she and her family continue to be a big part of the nucleus of putting this event on.

Although no longer singing, Stephanie continues to help out where she can with Summer Soulstice and has added some other areas of expertise to this special day in more recent years.

But it will be this young woman taking to the stage and singing her heart out to the crowds, that we will always be most proud of.

Stephanie sings on the Summer Soulstice 2013 main stage. Photo by Clifford J Irving © Summer Soulstice Ltd.

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