This 1980’s act reformed in 2016 and remixed their classic release ‘Love So Fine’, as well as recording and releasing an album of the same name…

Sa-Ha-Ra (formerly Sahara) want to expand their sound and work with other top UK singers and musicians.

Originally released in 1985 on Andy Sojka‘s legendary Elite label (Atmosfear, Level 42, Keni Stevens) ‘Love So Fine’ features the voice of Jenni Evans who sadly passed away in 2016. The re-release featured new mixes as well as the original, all led by Peter Hinds (ex-Light Of The World, Beggar & Co and Incognito). Along with the ‘Past, Present, Future’ LP, both were released on their own SHE Records label – made up from the initials of the production team behind this; Steve Sinclair, Hinds and Kevin Ellis.

Other tracks such as ‘You Are My Everything’, ‘Why The Hate’ (with vocals from Jenny Ingram Brown) and ‘Easy Come Easy Go’ (featuring Helen Louise Jones and Kenny Wellington) have gained lots of plays and helped put the guys back on the map.

Having already gained strong support from specialist UK radio and on the soul circuit, we welcomed the guys to Summer Soulstice in June 2019 and they did not fail to disappoint with a strong main stage performance.

Sa-Ha-Ra at Summer Soulstice in 2019.
Photo by Paul Hodson ©Summer Soulstice Ltd.

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