Richard Alexander Davis

Classically trained singer and songwriter Richard is the cousin of the late, great reggae star Sugar Minott…

Richard’s first taste of success was as a winner of Melody Maker’s ‘Battle Of The Bands’ and then on an ITV music competition with his band Mixed Breed. During the early 1980’s he worked with talented US musicians playing funk and soul standards of the time, on the busy club circuit.

By the 1990’s Richard was signed to Hysteria Records as a solo artist & scored huge dance chart hits with ‘Dont Stop Believing’ and ‘Party On’. In 1995 Spice Girls’ producers Absolute produced the song ‘Deep Inside’ which also became a sizeable hit for him.

Richard has also worked with the likes of Eddy Grant, The Nightcrawlers, Tears For Fears and Omar but his love of that classic ‘old skool’ sound has remained in tact throughout his career. This can be best heard on his 2008 self-titled album and his follow-up a year later in the shape of ‘Lovin’ You Direct’. Even more recently Richard has featured on the highly acclaimed Soul Unsigned compilation series.

In 2020, Richard released an uptempo cover version of Sherrick‘s classic ‘Just Call’, produced by UK soul ledge Don-E.

We enjoyed an early Saturday night performance in 2011 on the Main Stage of our 5th Summer Soulstice from Richard, who is a true gentleman and yet another quality addition to our Hall Of Fame!

Richard performs on stage at Summer Soulstice 2011.
Photo by Paul Welch ©Summer Soulstice Ltd.

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