Natasha Watts

Natasha has had great success with an abundance of tracks in the soulful house scene & from gigging the world over…

At the age of sixteen Natasha teamed up with Roame Lowrey, percussionist with Frankie Beverley & Maze, he took her under his wing & across the Atlantic to experience recording & help develop her talent as a young recording artist. Whilst in the States, Natasha worked in a stage musical & performed with Kirk Franklyn & the Family.

Having always credited her mother Sandra as her inspiration, in 2008 the woman who moulded Natasha’s soul & direction, sadly passed away.  Despite the heartbreak, Natasha finally broke onto the UK soul scene with her explosive voice on ‘Show Me’ after her first collaboration with amazing German Cool Million. This was rapidly followed up with the summer smash of 2012 ‘Back 2 U’ with producer Ric Atari (from the Soul Seed Vol 1 album).

That same year she did a cheeky PA in our Club Tent during Richard Earnshaw‘s set & by our seventh Summer Soulstice performed on the main stage with her twist on the modern soul sound. With two solo albums now to her name; her eponymously titles first album & the follow-up ‘Second Time Around’, both produced by the  duo, Cool Million (Sedsoul Records). Singles lifted from these LP’s include ‘Born A Star’, ‘Go Slow’ & ‘Insatiable’.

Natasha has collaborated on a string of soulful house releases working with the likes of Earnshaw, DJ Spen & Jamie Lewis. She  continues to make a huge impact on the UK soul scene, achieving outstanding specialist radio play & staying in various charts for weeks on end & more recently, was a popular winner at the 2016 Soul Survivors Magazine Awards, picking up Best UK Artist.

This lady continues to bring joy to our event & support a cause close to her own heart, having made a further two appearances since her main stage debut, the latest being in 2016 when she performed with Ernie McKone’s band & duetted with the mighty Omar!

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