Beggar & Co.

Veterans of the UK’s black music and pop scenes, Beggar & Co still stand strong and are of course, the breakaway trio from Brit-Funkers, Light Of The World…

Composed of core members Kenny WellingtonDavid ‘Baps’ Baptiste and Neville ‘Breeze’ McKrieth, the early 1980s saw Beggar & Co produce such dance floor classics as ‘Somebody Help Me Out’ which reached No. 15 in the UK singles chart and a top 40 follow-up ‘Mule (Chant No 2)’ alongside Spandau Ballet.

Since those halcyon days, it seems these guys have never really been away. Between them they have played alongside and recorded with the likes of Paul McCartney, Simply RedStyle CouncilTina TurnerBilly OceanAlexander O’Neal, to name an esteemed musical few.

In 2007, the band got back together and released a live recording from The Jazz Cafe, ‘Brass, Strings N’ Things’ which was the first release in many years. This has been followed up by a new studio recording ‘The Legacy’ on MBJ Records in 2011 and two years later by ‘Sleeping Giants’ on Expansion Records, recorded in London and Los Angeles.

Kenny and Breeze have made three visits to the green fields of Soulstice, having played a superb live set as Beggar & Co (The Original Light Of The World) back in 2009, before returning again in 2014 as the original trio alongside Baps.

In 2016 the guys teamed up with members of Hi-Tension and Central Line in what was to be the first formation of the Brit Funk Association, an all-star collective who are still regularly touring to this day.

Beggar & Co on the main stage at Summer Soulstice 2016.
Photo by Jenny B © Summer Soulstice Ltd.

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