Jeff Young

2013 finally saw Soul Mafia original Jeff Young join Summer Soulstice’s DJ ranks, and he’s been a regular ever since…

Jeff’s long-standing status as a discerning soul DJ has always held him in high regard. On the airwaves Jeff initially took up position with BBC Radio London but then moved onto Radio 1 in 1987 to host a new Friday night ‘dance’ show.

Called Big Beat, it allowed him to play music right across the black music spectrum – from house to hip-hop – it became an essential for clubbers prepping their weekend socials. Despite the wider musical range of the show, Jeff’s soulful roots always remained evident.

After 3 years at the helm and with Jeff paving the way for a nation to be introduced to a certain Pete Tong, he handed over the show and moved onto London’s Capital Radio where he stayed for a short while.

Jeff has always considered that his greatest achievement is “making a living in the music business for over 30 years” and more recently he has returned to the decks, doing the soul circuit once again by guesting st several club nights and weekenders. Despite previously being nominated for a Sony Radio Award (Best Specialist Radio Show) he took a long break from the airwaves, but returned to the radio courtesy of Jazz FM, with his Sunday show ‘The Journey’, a programme Jeff himself described as a four hour excursion through everything that’s great in new and classic soul, jazz and jazz funk. In early 2021, Jeff left the station after a 10 year involvement.

A great addition to the DJ line-ups at many of our recent festivals, Jeff has been an avid supporter of the Summer Soulstice cause over the years.

Jeff, wife Ann and DJ Greg Edwards backstage at Summer Soulstice 2017.
Photo by Clifford J Irving © Summer Soulstice Ltd.

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