Retro Russ


RetroRuss is from `Back In The Day’…

…discovering soul & funk at the age of 14 & starting collecting the sounds from then on in & doing his first gig around the same time. He followed this by a series of one-off’s over the next few years, playing funk & ‘proto disco at local youth clubs.  In 1976 he sneaked himself into The Royalty in Southgate, North London before, aged of 18, before then getting `known’ in the West End club scene. Back then there was an explosion of disco & RetroRuss got to know all the leading DJ’s of the time, helping them on the decks occasionally, enjoying the energy of dance music of the day & always staying one step ahead of the pack, buying the latest US & European disco imports.


By 1981, the scene had become too commercial & Russ, tiring of hi-energy, synth music & just plain pap, decided to hang up his disco shoes. He continued to add to his record collection, often buying other disillusioned DJ’s collections, who’d had enough! Consequently, he has built an extensive collection of disco, soul & funk, covering the “golden period” of 1977 – 1979.

Fast forward 20 years or so & RetroRuss, after having raised a family, started doing house parties once again! He played (& still does) the popular disco, but his first love is disco’s deeper hard edge’d sounds. In October 2003, he was asked to ‘fill in’ at a music night at a North London pub, which became a regular night. As Russ brought his ‘rare-groove’ 12” disco, the night became very popular with many house music producers who came, notebook in hand, listening out for rare, obscure disco to sample!

A regular of our Club Tent @ Soulstice over the years, Russ also plays out at various clubs & bars both in London & abroad, as well as lots of private parties where people want to hear the original house music! After several years broadcasting on Unknown FM Russ now hosts his Discoliscious  show on Delite Radio.

It’s all about the Disco baby!! 

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