JP (a.k.a. Johnny Roast) is a self-proclaimed “world famous meat junkie and rum expert”, he has also been playing vinyl since gawd know’s when…

His musical versatility has meant that JP is one of the few DJ’s who has played all three of the Summer Soulstice musical arenas on the big day.

Having first joined the line-up back at Summer Soulstice in 2009, he is main who loves to drop many a funky 45. Over the years he’s been a regular at the Hertford House Hotel and at the Vibe Bar in Brick Lane. He’s also spun at Brews & Soul (Barnet), The Soul Bag, a monthly in London’s west end, while other notable past exploits include the legendary Southport Weekender and warming up for that man Trevor Nelson at his Soul Nation nights up and down the UK.

JP’s own exquisite and varied tastes in music was recently in evidence when he was invited to play a one-off tribute to the late Walter Becker at London’s newly opened Spiritland venue in Kings Cross, where he curated and delivered a 5 hour session of Steely Dan Worship.

You can still find JP loitering around Crazybeat Records in Upminster on certain days of the week, where he helps run the shop with owner Gary Dennis as well as his Soul-On-Wax soirées with Abi Clarke.

JP, the man, the absolute leg-end. 

JP toughing it out with Grumpy Brown in the Connoisseurs Corner at Summer Soulstice 2016. 
Photo by Clifford J Irving © Summer Soulstice Ltd.

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