Grumpy Brown

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The ‘Grumpy One’ took time out in the mid 1990’s to start a family & returned in 2010 to the soul music scene he so loved & to find that his friend Andy Weekes was no longer with us.

Grumpy had spent many hours working with Andy on the See Bees T-shirt stall, standing at various bars & clubs up & down the UK. These days he can be found on Stomp Radio on a Thursday night with his long running Soullinn show from 6pm to 8 pm. He also continues to play at various gigs around the country including the Soul Family Affair in Hunstanton, Norfolk.

Having come to Summer Soulstice as a punter many times, Grumpy finally made his DJ debut at the event in 2014 & still feels the ‘big man Andy’ would be laughing his socks off at the thought of him playing at a gig put on in his honour.

Now a regular in our Connoisseurs Corner arena, we have never seen Grumpy look so happy!…


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