Grumpy Brown

The ‘Grumpy One’ took time out from DJ’ing in the mid 1990’s to start a family and then returned in 2010 to the soul scene he so loved, only to find that his old friend Andy Weekes was no longer with us…

Grumpy had spent many hours working with Andy on the See Bees T-shirt stall, standing and selling merchandise at various clubs and venues up and down the UK and knew him well.

Nowadays he can be found presenting his long running Soullinn show on Stomp Radio every Thursday night from 6pm to 8 pm. He also continues to play at various gigs around the country including the Soul Family Affair in Hunstanton, Norfolk and Music Without Labels in London.

Having come to Summer Soulstice as a punter several times, Grumpy finally made his DJ ‘debut’ at the event in 2014 and still feels the ‘big man’ Andy would be laughing his socks off at the thought of him playing at a gig put on in his honour.

A regular and a big favourite in our Connoisseurs arena, we’ve never seen the Grumpy one looking so happy!

Grumpy with better half Linda at Summer Soulstice 2014.
Photo by Paul Welch © Summer Soulstice Ltd.

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