Gavin Page


A mainstay of our events from the very first Summer Soulstice all the way up until 2016, Gavin could be found shaking the Connoisseurs Corner each year, playing in his own, inimitable style…

Gav, what year did you start DJing?

Favorite music genre?
“Black music in all it’s forms.”

Most treasured LP/album?
“Marvin Gaye, ‘What’s Going On.’”

Favourite artist/band/singer?
“Bobby Womack (male artist), Gladys Knight (female artist) & The Dells (band).”

Name your favourite club or club night, past or present?
“Stafford All-nighter in the late 80’s.”

Who was your inspiration as a DJ?
“Ian Clarke”

Gavin Page & Mark Goddard thumbFavourite single, 7” or 12”?
“Mmmm, tough one… Crystal Clear ‘Stay With Me’”

Biggest artist to inspire you musically?

What musical artist would you invite to dinner?
“Frank Sinatra.”

How many records do you have in your collection?
“A record room & garage full.”

Best live concert or performance you’ve seen?
“Gladys Knight @ The Royal Albert Hall, various times.”

Away from music, what do you enjoy most?
“Seeing my children every other weekend.”

What record would be played at your funeral?
“Erma Franklin, ‘Light My Fire’.”

If you had to play one record to a stranger to describe you and your musical taste, what would it be?
“Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues.”


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