Frostie’s Facebook page once stated he’d had “years of attending, drinking, partying, recreational, dancing and playing at soul and dance events, weekenders, all dayers, trips abroad and never felt better!”, so who are we to disagree…

Originally one of the Goldmine crew in the late 1970’s, Frostie is one of the good guys and was at our first event in 2007.

He came along as a punter with his great friend, the legendary Froggy who graced our Main Stage that year but who sadly passed away a few months later. Frostie continued to come along to Summer Soulstice and was later invited to join our growing DJ family, where he made his debut in 2011.

He’s masterfully played his slots on both the Main Stage and in the Connoisseurs Corner arenas ever since, playing a bag full of crowd pleasers every time.

Frostie on the Main Stage at Summer Soulstice 2017. Photo by Paul Hodson © Summer Soulstice Ltd.

Frostie now promotes the annual Frogmarch all dayer in remembrance of his late friend, which grows year on year and is also the man behind the ever popular Soulanza week in sunny Lanzarote.

Formerly presenting a show on Stomp Radio, Frostie now concentrates more on playing at clubs and events all around London and Essex.


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