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At Soulstice HQ, we are committed to making our event as inclusive as possible to everyone!…

Summer Soulstice is held at the grounds of Old Elizabethans, an historic local sports venue, & it is mostly grass & located on a slight incline. These may pose problems (particularly in wet or damp weather) for mobility, & the large volumes of people & noise may pose problems for those with learning difficulties.

We have a disabled parking area close to the main arena for easier access to the event, as well as a number of disabled toilets located around the grounds. We also have members of St. Johns Ambulance on site who can support any emergency situations.

We feel that your day out with us is definitely manageable & we provide a free entry pass for a personal assistant to this end for those who may find they have physical & mental challenges at our event (available for a limited time only). This is why, if you are eligible, you can apply for a free Event Disability Access Pass for your personal assistant while applications are available. Successful applicants will be emailed their additional free entry pass (Event Only) 1 week before the event.

Electric wheelchairs will tackle most areas without too much hindrance but the ground can be a little uneven in places & is predominantly on grass. If it rains it may get muddy & access around the site (other than on the paths around the venue’s club house & car park area at the front of the grounds) movement may be difficult. If it does, your Personal Assistant will need to help you. The terrain is predominantly short grass with firm soil, so movement around the Main Stage arena & other arenas, is possible for fit wheelchair users in good weather.

We recognise that some, particularly those with specific learning difficulties may need to find a space to step away from the crowds & noise. There is a lot of quieter spaces around the event, including a large ‘sound system free’ marquee, but it even so, it can be difficult in a ‘festival’ environment – so we do our best.

When you arrive at the event please display your valid Blue Badge. You will be directed to the Disabled Parking area where your Personal Assistant will be given his or her FREE pass (wristband) for the event.

Please note that we are in a field where normal home-type levels of facilities are just not possible. We do our absolute best but sometimes vehicles get stuck in traffic, things break or don’t work & we’ll be doing our best to fix it.

Accessible toilets will be positioned at various places around the event & we aim to protect them from public use. Please check out where they are on site so you know where to go when you need to go. They should NOT be used by your other guests. It’s important that we keep these facilities for those who need them most.



We do not have any charging points for electric wheelchairs.

We do not supply motability buggies or any other form of on site transport so you will need to bring your own if it is needed.

If you have any pressing questions that are not answered here, please email us.



Applications for Personal Assistant Pass @ Summer Soulstice 2019 will be available shortly.



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